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Manhattan's very own Brooklyneer restaurant is known for dishing up delicious local grub from the borough next-door, but the restaurant is also home to an equally Brooklyn-born art piece made by the girls of Domestic Construction. Materials like found paper, an old Brooklyn history book, reclaimed nails, and used twine were carefully re-purposed to adorn a wall that has since become the restaurant's artistic focal point.

Known for their keen sense of style and intelligent use of materials, the designers at Domestic Construction thought it was only appropriate to give the Brooklyn-centric restaurant an indoor view of the borough’s most iconic landmark: the Brooklyn Bridge. The designers’ intentions were to create a piece that spoke to the history of the borough while taking a more dimensional and layered approach to the design process.

To create the initial layer of the piece, the designers made use of the pages of an old Brooklyn history book, and pasted a series of tiny paper bricks to outline the bridge. Upon closer examination, tidbits of Brooklyn history are still visible in the piece, with everything from illustrations of gangsters, to the tree-lined streets of yesteryear. Nails were hammered onto junction points of the design to further highlight the major linear elements of the bridge. To top it off, black cotton twine was weaved and wrapped around the outline of nails to bring a third dimension to the piece.

The completed work has become the visual hallmark of the restaurant and is a sentimental reminder for any home sick Brooklynites who might be stuck in Manhattan for the day.

+Domestic Construction


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