Gallery: Domestic Construction Sets the Stage at the Natural History Mu...

  • Brooklyn’s very own design darlings Trish Anderson and Maureen Walsh of Domestic Construction were commissioned last May to envision a sustainability fundraising event at the Museum of Natural History for a classified client. Their “Applause Award Show” stage and aesthetics scheme transformed cardboard, shipping pallets, newspaper, and plant-life into a tailored setting that honored the deserving activists’ work within the environmental community.

    Calling for an undeniable focus on sustainability, the event required a level of sophistication that would incorporate the surrounding details of the museum. The designers thoughtfully built the stage and backdrop to frame the museum’s planetarium, and specifically singled out planet earth to refocus the audience on the greater meaning of the night. Peppering the stage, backdrop, and other segments of the party in varying angles were emboldened words like “philanthropy,” and “community” made of laser-cut, corrugated cardboard. Even the stage’s podium was appropriately plastered with the indicative word “applause!”

    The stage itself was made entirely from shipping pallets sourced from neighboring Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and the grass-filled planters that spanned the backdrop were created out of individual slats from the pallets. The designers left no detail untouched, and were mindful of the full life cycle of their work. After the event was finished, the stage was deconstructed, and reused in the artists new studio space and the remaining materials were properly recycled. The fusion of art, set design, and sustainability perfectly reflected the deeper message of the occasion thanks to the thoughtful planning and sharp artistic eye of the designers.

    + Domestic Construction


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