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DontFlushMe Tests Its Sensors in New York City’s Cavernous Sewer System

Posted By Lori Zimmer On September 20, 2011 @ 4:40 pm In Health,Infrastructure,Manhattan,Water | 4 Comments

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DontFlushMe helps educate New Yorkers about the consequences of sewer overflows. When water levels rise, the sewers become flooded and could overflow, flushing raw sewage [6] into our city’s waterways, including the Hudson and East Rivers. The amount of overflow can be reduced should city residents hold back on their wastewater production [7] — meaning refraining from flushing the toilet.

The project works by installing sensors in the sewer system [8], which notify users when water levels rise. Users have the option of being notified by text message, Twitter, a call-in number or by checking a website. Users can then let it mellow [9] — reducing the output of Combined Sewage Overflows (CSOs) into our waters.

Percifield found on his recent trial run that the original prototype sensor was not strong enough for the thickness of the concrete of the sewer [10]ceiling. A new, senor stronger will be installed in the next few weeks, reporting live data to DontFlushMe’s website. The exploration also gave insight into the complicated and hauntingly beautiful network of sewers [11]that lie below New York.

Each year, 27 billion gallons of raw sewage [12] is dumped into New York’s harbor. DontFlushMe helps New Yorkers take this problem into their own hands- stay tuned for progress in the next few weeks. Help support DontFlushMe with his fundraiser on ioby NYC [13].

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