Gallery: Drawings for Jean Nouvel’s Shorter MoMA Tower Verre Have Been ...

Jean Nouvel, Museum of Modern Art, Torre Verre, Midtown, Death Spire, City Planning Commission, HInes, Midtown Skyline
Jean Nouvel’s secretive new plans for his revived Torre Verre/Death Spire for MoMA have finally been revealed. The project, which was thought to be a dead issue since it was voted too tall and expensive in 2009, was resubmitted to the City Planning Commission by project developer Hines. After some prodding, The New York Observer filed a public information request, and drawings of the edited plans have now been made public.

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  1. ohmisha September 15, 2013 at 2:42 pm
    How does the City Planning Commission justify imposing their taste-by-commitee!? Travesty indeed!... Striking project on its surface. Wish the Plan notes were legible