DUB Studios Designs a Grassy Rooftop Garden Atop a Soho Loft

by , 08/09/11

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The rooftop garden takes advantage of the shape of the building’s roof and the raised enclosure surrounding the edges. “Working with the existing parapet walls that wrap the roof, we added a lounge room and row of trees that shape a quiet lawn space,” writes DUB Studios. “Within this contained space, hints of the city beyond and the building below emerge.”

Not only does the garden provide the inhabitants with a private green space and outdoor area for kids to play, but it acts as a cooling green roof for the building beneath it. Next to the lounge area is a large skylight that looks into the room below. Surrounded by higher grasses and smooth rocks, the glass resembles a small pond, adding to the natural feel of the garden.

“By working with what exists, the design makes a quiet place that is animated by hints of the city around,” says DUB.

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