DUMBO Walls: Blank Space Under the BQE Transformed into a Vibrant Open Air Art Exhibition

by , 08/05/13
filed under: Art NYC,Brooklyn

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Artists CAM, MOMO, Stefan Sagmesiter, Yuko Shizimu, Shepard Fairey, Eltono, and Faith 47 added their signature styles to the walls with colorful, semi-permanent murals. Visitors can marvel at the outdoor art exhibition, which traverses the walkway near the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. Each of the eight murals signify the debut of the DUMBO Walls project, which hopes to transform other areas in DUMBO into an open air exhibition space.

The mural project was privately funded by the DUMBO Improvement District and Two Trees Management company as a means to give back to the community, and encourage participation, community pride, as well as community clean up in the alleys and areas surrounding the colorful murals.

The murals coincide with another project that invites locals and New Yorkers to the area, the Electric Summer Block Party. The party also infuses the DUMBO area with art, inviting several artists to live paint before the gathered crowd, while celebrating the local culture and beauty of the streets of DUMBO.

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