Eco Eatery in Brooklyn Will Use Green Materials to Build NYC’s First Pop-Up Cafe

by , 03/17/11
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Yesterday, we reported that the Department of Transportation approved applications for 12 pop-up cafes that will turn parking spots and traffic lanes into pedestrian plazas. It only makes sense that the first business to get the green light is a green business! Ecopolis Cafe on Smith Street in Brooklyn, which was the only applicant from the borough, will build and operate the first pedestrian friendly space with eco-friendly materials. Green urban design plus green building materials? We like it.

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Ecopolis owner Patricia Simono Boyce told the Brooklyn Paper that she is very excited about the addition of public space near her cafe. The plans submitted by Boyce call for a 25 by 6 foot space that would only take up one metered parking spot. She will build the platform using reclaimed wood joists from a 1920 warehouse in Red Hook, and the railing will be constructed from a recycled metal grate from the MTA.

The transportation committee of the neighborhood’s Community Board voted unanimously to allow the pop-up cafe. “In weighing the loss of one parking spot against the value of adding an activity and dimension to the street and street activity, hosting [Brooklyn’s] first ‘Pop-up cafes’ certainly wins out,” Bette Stolz, the director of the South Brooklyn Local Development Corporation, wrote in a statement to the Brooklyn Paper.

Cafe owners are responsible for paying for the construction and upkeep of the pop-up plazas, which the city estimates to be about $10,000. The cost includes planters, tables, chairs, and construction materials.

Via The Brooklyn Paper