Energy Efficient Long Island Home Built As Though It Were Made With Light & AIr

by , 08/17/11
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Amangansett House, Francois de Menil Architect, energy efficient design, long island, solar passive design

The 1,900 sq. ft. home is long and narrow, designed to make the best use of the sun in both the summer and winter. Large south facing windows pull in dayligh and warmth, while overhangs shade the interior during the summer. Clerestory windows circle the home on every side so that sunlight can filter in to every room, and operable windows on both the north and south induce natural ventilation for cooling. The exterior is clad in 4-inch horizontal tongue-and-groove Alaskan yellow cedar boards, while the deck is built with IPE wood. Inside, built-in cabinets from beech veneer leave the rooms simple and uncluttered.

Located next to fresh water wetlands and located within a FEMA flood zone, the home is built up above the ground and is accessed via a ramp on the north side. A 16-inch concrete slab floor acts as thermal mass storing hot or cold depending on the season. Radiant floor heating and the concrete soaks up the sun keeping the space warm in the winter. High R-value insulation keeps the heating inside, but in the summer all that is needed is a natural breeze and ceiling fans. The butterfly roof creates a perception of lightness as if the house is taking off. The result of the architect’s work is a functionally simple home with clean lines and an efficient design infused with light and air.

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