Fabrica 718 Transforms Retro School Desks into a Bar for Veronica People’s Club in Brooklyn

by , 04/21/11
filed under: Architecture,Brooklyn
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© Sean Hemmerle via Fabrica 718, LLC

Self-expression is the name of the game at VPC. Day-to-day operation of the People’s Club, true to its name, builds upon collaboration and inclusiveness. Heather Millstone and her partner, resident chef Dre Herrera, don’t merely run a bar; they serve food, alcohol, coffee, art, music, networking, fun and a community center to their neighbors. Rotating chefs prepare food for a weekly Sunday brunch in the back patio, with local ingredients. Occasionally, the managers organize a neighborhood potluck, and Dre often makes tamales on busy nights at the bar. VPC hosts a drop-off point for Plovgh, an online food market, where people pick up groceries ordered from local farmers each week. A coffee pick-up window preserves the community connection during the day, when the bar is closed. Permanent and rotating art exhibits adorn the space, rotating musicians and DJs provide consistent entertainment, and the space serves as a welcoming club for creative minds of Brooklyn and beyond.

Carefree and unabashedly inventive as children, Fabrica 718, Heather Millstone and their team combine remnants of past youth into a truly sustainable, creative, community oriented People’s Club.

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