Frank Gehry’s NYC Tower Has Green Features, Rent Stabilized Apartments

by , 02/24/11
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Just last week New York City welcomed another of Frank Gehry’s signature curvaceous structures downtown in the Financial District along Spruce Street. A distinctly geometric form rising high above the ground, and featuring Gehry’s famed steel undulations on its facade, the New York by Gehry doesn’t stand in the shadows of its contemporaries. Reaching 870 feet into the sky with its 76-stories, it is in fact the largest residential tower in the western hemisphere. And despite Gehry’s well-documented beef with the LEED rating system, the new building does delight with a number of green features, and even something a little more surprising: rent stabilized apartments.

Frank Gehry, New York by Gehry, Frank Gehry nyc buildings, nyc architecture, Beekman Tower, Beekman Tower nycImage © dbox

Last year, Gehry, not unknown for his controversial ways, said that LEED is a political issue and points are rewarded for “bogus stuff.” He also said that the cost of green buildings is enormous, and they don’t pay for themselves “in your lifetime.” He later clarified that he supports green buildings and sustainability, but he believes that the LEED system is “fetishized” and often used just as a marketing tool.

Unsurprisingly, New York by Gehry is not seeking LEED certification, but a spokeswoman informed Inhabitat that the building does have a variety of green features, including low-e windows, Energy Star appliances and greywater filtration. Plus, the building has lots of green/outdoor space.

Probably the biggest surprise to come out of the luxury building is that all 903 apartments will be rent stabilized. Developer Forest City Ratner received Liberty Bonds and city tax breaks for the building, so in return they must keep the apartments rent stabilized for 20 years. Plus, a senior vice president at Ratner told DNAinfo that they are offering one month free rent. But that doesn’t mean they’re cheap — rents still start at market rate, which is $3,580 for a one bedroom.

If you’re interested in renting, or just want to scope out the building, apartments are now available for viewing.

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