Gallery: GE’s Solar Powered Carousel Opens at the South Street Seaport!

GE introduced a green twist to the classic family favorite carnival ride last week with the launch of the Carousolar, a carousel powered by 100 solar panels. GE is using the fun ride to showcase its innovative solar technology, and for the next month, you can check it out for free at Manhattan's South Street Seaport! Just make sure you get there early -- when we visited, the lines were long throughout the whole day!

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  1. Peter Petz March 26, 2015 at 4:15 pm
    Actually , I see an extern solar power plant ( left side) as a generator conected with an whiite painted traditional carousel by generating 5 kWh for a traditional historic American carousel. What was the problem ? An , Original Peter Petz Solar Powered Carousel needs no extern generator, all divices are integrated as a nonservice computerised driving Petz designed Carousel Ride, day & night, summer & winter time, all year round ! This is the difference since 1998 when I created the World first Solar Powered Carousel under the Brand SOLAROUSEL.
  2. Linda Gardenia August 17, 2011 at 5:52 pm
    Visited the Carousolar today at the Seaport. It was wonderful! The staff was so friendly and cheerful and even encouraged this senior citizen to ride the carousel. Also had the opportunity to recharge my cell at their solar powered stations. Loved it!