Global Green Announces “Solar for Sandy” Program to Provide Emergency Energy During Natural Disasters

by , 06/14/13

Yesterday, Global Green USA announced the roll-out of its “Solar for Sandy” program to build emergency back-up solar energy systems at five or more Sandy-struck NYC community centers to prepare for future blackouts like the one that overtook the city last fall. The first full-scale program implementation will begin this fall in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The new program is supported in part by the Clinton Global Initiative and by home furnishings retailer IKEA, whose Brooklyn store and the surrounding community were deeply impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

“Our desire is for the “Solar for Sandy” initiative to serve as a model – one that illustrates how resilient rebuilding through smarter, more sustainable energy systems can provide much needed support for coastal communities at risk for unpredictable energy factors,” said Global Green President Matt Petersen in a press statement.

Global Green hopes to mitigate future blackouts due to hurricane wreckage and other natural disasters and provide expanded emergency services to the community centers. The new solar systems will provide lighting in addition to critical services that will enable refrigeration for medicines as well as basic heating and cooling. A smaller-scale pilot program established in Far Rockaway is currently underway.

The Red Hook community install of the new back-up solar energy systems, which will be located in Flood Zone A, is slated for October 29, 2013—the one-year anniversary of the super-storm. Parsons The New School For Design will contribute design proposals for the facility.

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