Gallery: Sponge Park To Start Soaking Up Pollution From the Gowanus Can...

From its sewagey stench to its lack of life, the Gowanus Canal is not exactly the ideal place for a lovely park. But with a Superfund clean-up currently underway to rid the waterway of hundreds of years of toxic pollution, a renaissance for the canal is on the horizon. Dozens of groups have proposed clean-up solutions to the city, but the most promising -- and the most interesting -- is the Gowanus Canal Sponge Park. Designed by Susannah Drake of dlandstudio, The Sponge Park is a multifunctional public green space that would run along both sides of the canal, helping to absorb and filter surface water runoff to remediate the canal. Community partner Gowanus Canal Conservancy is working with Drake to make Sponge Park become a reality, and this coming spring, the first section of the park will be installed along the canal's Second Street bank.

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