Gallery: Growing Number of Whales and Sharks in NYC Indicate Cleaner Wa...

While you might think Sharknado 2 would be your only chance to see a shark in New York City, sightings of large sea creatures in the area have actually increased this summer. So why are sharks and whales choosing to vacation around the city in lieu of swimming up the coast like they have in the past? Researchers are citing healthier, cleaner waters and increasing fish populations as the reasons these big fish are feeding closer to the Big Apple.

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  1. Knoedelmann August 13, 2014 at 2:20 pm
    I don't believe in this theory. The reason why such big animals are getting closer to cities (all over the world) is because we are destroying their habitat so they need to get closer in order to hunt, have cleaner water than at other parts of the ocean, ...