Gallery: HAO Imagines a New Coleman Oval Skate Park for the Lower East ...

Manhattan skaters will soon be treated to a world class skate venue. Steve Rodriguez, founder of 5boro Skateboards, has recently won NIKE and Architecture for Humanity’s Gamechangers grant with his plan to give Manhattan Bridge Skate Park, also known as the Coleman Oval Skate Park, a much needed makeover. Architecture for Humanity invited six firms to create designs for the new park, one of which came from HAO Architects. HAO would transform the site into a gorgeous skate park that would welcome the community to participate in events, watch skate competitions, or enjoy outdoor films.

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  1. jennordhem October 20, 2011 at 4:27 pm
    Will someone PLEASE have them get a skateboarder to consult on this design before building. This looks like a super dangerous skate park! Having those quarter pipes that large and with a street course in between cause some serious collisions. Talk to someone who's built a skate park or has skated in one or it's a waste of money.