Gallery: Help These Handicapped Cats by Building Them a “MeowHaus” to L...

Frank the Feline inspects an early sketch model of the MeowHaus

As if it weren't hard enough being a homeless cat, imagine being handicapped too? Many felines suffer from a very uncat-like condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), which is a debilitating disorder that causes them to lose their balance and fall with even the slightest surface change. To give some of these furry friends a safe, stable place to call home, an enterprising group of students from the Spitzer School of Architecture of CUNY CCNY has started the Meowhaus Project. They're currently building the MeowHaus, a tiny 12' x 20' ft structure out of reclaimed materials in the CATskills (no joke), but they need your help.

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