INHABITAT VIDEO: $H!T HAPPENS Shines a Light On the Burgeoning Berlin Design Scene

by , 05/27/11

New York is well known for cultivating some of the world’s greatest talents in art and design, but there’s another city that’s just about ready to give the Big Apple a run for its money. With a new swarm of international, cutting edge designers and artists taking up residence over the last decade, Berlin has become the haven for creative expatriates looking for a place to explore their ideas. Opened during NY Design Week at Relative Space in SoHo, $H!T HAPPENS In Berlin is a brand new exhibit, curated by famed architect Juergen Mayer, and principal of Relative Space Tyler Greenberg, that hopes to give New Yorkers a taste of what’s happening on the other side of the world. So if you’re looking for something exciting to do this week, head on over to Bond Street ASAP and check out our EXCLUSIVE VIDEO preview above! This exhibit closes Friday, June 3rd!

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$H!T HAPPENS In Berlin explores the aesthetic and technical innovations of creatives in the city, showcasing both emerging and established designers. The unexpected is the norm; trials and errors, miscalculations and failures, experimentation and surprise—all result in ingenious design strategies.

So why Berlin? Once an industrial center and later a city divided, Berlin’s walls fell years ago, and its gates have since remained open for experimentation. The city attracts artists and designers from around the world to its former factory buildings, transformed into studios and galleries. Berlin’s streets foster potential for what is new, perhaps more than any other place today. It has become an avant-garde capital for design in an unlikely locale, inviting international talent in the overlapping disciplines of art, architecture, industrial and product design.

The outcomes of the experiments by 15 designers in Berlin are currently on view at Relative Space in SoHo. A custom video Clarity Matrix wall by Planar is installed in the storefront of the showroom, with all creative content streamed 24/7 to showcase the ongoing exhibit.

“We are interested in questioning conventions and common agreements, or things that we seem to take for granted,” says Mayer. “Through design and architecture—every scale and field in which we are working—we want to open the eyes of the viewer to be aware or critical, or discover what’s new and the potential of what is around us. In architecture, we play with scales and conventions of materials, and we blur ideas of tectonics and structure, therefore creating a sculptural quality or an atmosphere.”

The exhibit will be on display until June 3rd at Relative Space.

+ $HIT HAPPENS In Berlin

+ Relative Space

Video by Jonathan Wing

Music by Rebecca Bergcrantz


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