Horizon Media’s New Office Encourages Coworking With Sun Drenched Open Work Areas

by , 11/18/11
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The bustling and quickly growing Horizon Media office needed a serious upgrade. With their former offices spread over three different midtown buildings, the growing business needed to be unified under one roof. A move downtown was decided, with A + I’s expertise hired for the interiors.

The central focus of the space is a staircase which opens and connects the three floors used for Horizon Media, and allows visibility in between those floors.  The atrium-like space connects the 14th to 16th floors, and lets daylight flow to each. In the past, because of the many employees, Horizon had to rent hotel conference facilities for team-wide meetings. The architects solved such a need by creating multi-use seating areas around the grand staircase, which could accommodate large meetings.

The few offices are placed around the stair area as well, utilizing the bright daylight that fills the area. Communal work stations make up the rest of the working areas, plus huddle rooms for quick meetings, board rooms, and private phone areas. The multi-bench/tables are positioned at the perimeter, creating lounges, waiting areas, as well as flexible work stations. Made from sustainable Vermont wood, they are upholstered in bright colors to continue the lightness of the interior.

Horizon Media’s new office changes the way their employees work, from being holed up in cubicles under fluorescent lights, to open and social coworking by the light of day.

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