Gallery: Isn’t It Ironic? East Village Punk Hangout Mars Bar to Be Rebo...

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Over the last few years, the East Village has traded much of its bohemian flavor for tony high rise apartments, fancy hotels and even a 7-Eleven. Now those who remember the neighborhood’s artsy roots have one more nail to hammer into that coffin – the news that iconic punk hangout Mars Bar is slated to become a branch of TD Bank.

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  1. rexsmom January 4, 2013 at 4:48 pm
    Now that is pretty depressing! That place has always been a dump, but I do fondly remember the times I randomly ended up at Mars Bar for a drink (this is like 15 plus years ago when the entire area was still wonderfully dive-y). I know you cannot stop time, but I really hate what time has done to that neighborhood. Sure it is cleaner and safer but when they polished off the grit, they got rid of the areas creative vibe.