Interboro Partners’ ‘Holding Pattern’ Installation at MoMA PS1 is Underway!

by , 06/10/11
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Holding Pattern” features a twisted canopy of rope that stretches from the main PS1 building to each side of the courtyard through one large and continuous structure. Under the canopy, Interboro has designed spaces for seating areas, mirrors, flood lights, and ping-pong tables for Warm Up attendees to play with.

In considering environmental issues, Interboro planned for the future of their installation. They met with Long Island City organizations, such as a taxi cab company, senior and day care centers, high schools, settlement houses, the local YMCA, library, and a Greenmarket to assign donations of the installation’s pieces to be used by the organizations after the summer series ends. Not only does this mean no waste is created, but it strengthens PS1’s ties to the community.

For the first time, the installation will leave the entire courtyard unobstructed, allowing for the entire space to be open and used by the audience. Interboro’s design will float above the visitors, providing shade while still bringing the space together. The first Warm Up concert is Saturday, July 2, but Holding Pattern will be installed in less than two weeks. It is set to be unveiled on Sunday, June 19.

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