Gallery: Karim Rashid’s Vibrant Chelsea Office Renovated From an Old NY...

Photos provided by Time Out New York
Whether you've purchased a raindrop-shaped bottle of Method liquid soap or coveted one of his trademark blobular furnishings, chances are you've come across something designed by Karim Rashid. But have you seen the inside of his office? The design doyen's vibrant Chelsea studio, which was renovated years ago from an old carriage house, holds some of Rashid's most famous rainbow-hued home goods and serves as an incubator for the people who create them. Thanks to Time Out New York, we got a chance to peek at some pics of the space, and as expected, the brilliant pops of color, psychedelic patterns and amorphous shapes within did not disappoint.

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  1. pinkcorner September 13, 2011 at 1:23 am
    This is such a vibrant interior designing concept!