Gallery: Kickstand: Pedal-Powered Coffee Bar Brings Sustainable Java to...

Now that the weather is warm, all of Brooklyn can be found – you guessed it – at the park. If you live in Williamsburg, there’s no need to give up your sought after grassy knoll to take a caffeine break, thanks to the guys at Kickstand. Powered only by bike and by hand, the mobile coffee bar will bring park and community event revelers fresh brewed, sustainable coffee from local cafes this summer.

The “bar” is transported by two bikes, each pulling a cart, which both fit together to create the coffee bar set up. Coffee is freshly ground on the spot with a hand grinder, for both cold and hot brews. The coffee used is all by local grinders and it varies day to day, depending on current favorites, from Brooklyn roasters such as Stumptown, Café Grumpy or Gimme Coffee.

The make shift bar is actually pretty sophisticated. The carts slide together to make one long counter and awning. The hot coffee is brewed using the Chemex filter-to-beaker brew system, with the consumer’s paper cups replacing the beaker. Water is heated using a propane stove, camping style, but they are looking for ways that would be more eco-friendly. Iced coffee is cold-brewed in a giant tub. Milk and all the fixings are on hand, and the price for either is the same: $2.50 a cup.

Kickstand’s goal is to bring fresh and sustainable coffee right into the hands of the community. Look out for the two bike rickshaws hitting a park near you soon!

+ Kickstand


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