Leaf // Cloud Exhibition Brings a Bevy of the Best Sustainable Art to NYC

by , 07/06/11
filed under: Art NYC,Manhattan

fair folks and a goat, leaf cloud, leaf//cloud,  Abigail Doan, Sono Kuwayama, Fr. Andrew O'Connor, Kizzy Jai Knight, Marcus Hicks, Melissa Kirgan and XZ of Eko-Lab, Ceca Georgieva, Alicia Lubowski-Jahn, kaight, eco art, green art, nyc, green nyc, green design, eco design, sustainable design

The full-house lineup celebrated the UN’s World Environment Day (June 5), which focused on the theme “Forests: Nature at Your Service” for 2011. In keeping with this idea, each of the works displayed was created with the preservation of the environment in mind and demonstrates earth-friendly and socially-responsible design. The show included work by artists and designers like Trey Speegle, Dana Matthews, Susan Benarcik, Liz Burow, Lilian Cooper, Clemens Kois, John Patrick, Patrick Winfield, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Kevin Cunningham, Emiliano Godoy, Stewart Webb, Stéphane Hubert, Daniel Michalik, and Colleen and Eric Whiteley, all of whom went the extra step to use recycled, vintage or sustainably sourced materials to create the art they presented.

The cream of the eco-fashion crop also made an appearance at the space in the form of a special green fashion trunk show on the opening night curated by Kate McGregor of Kaight. Abigail Doan, Sono Kuwayama, Fr. Andrew O’Connor, Kizzy Jai Knight, Marcus Hicks, Ceca Georgieva, Meiling Chen, and Melissa Kirgan and XZ of Eko-Lab repped eco fashion to the fullest with their knotted and knitted sculptures, sustainably dyed garments and recycled accessories.

+ Fair Folks & a Goat