Clinton Hill Design Build – BUSINESS CLOSED

609 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 

NEIGHBORHOOD: Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

CATEGORIES: residential, commercial, builders, contractors

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This business has closed.

Clinton Hill Design Build was created by Nick Haven after seeing a niche in Brooklyn for a construction team that could bring high quality construction, competent construction management, i.e. (detailed budgets / cost accounting / submissions / shop drawings) – and prices that are not as prohibitive as those found in Manhattan. Clinton Hill Design Build provides ergonomic and green sensitive solutions.


by psouxh

Do not follow through or keep their word.
Project 6 months past timeline and still not finished.

by brookbroke

Same here, but i got psouxh beat by a month. Nick does not return phone calls or emails. Wasted 7 months of my time.

by Glisa

I am glad to see this comments and that people realize that Nick Haven is not such a
\\\”cute\\\” guy, I finished two projects for him successfully and on a time. When I start
complaining about of lack of support from office at the end of last one and that there was a real danger of not being finished on time, he waited to about 10% remaining to
fire me. Unfortunately , driven by grid he didn\\\’t realize how big is 10%.

by crussen

Stay away. They walked off our job after we had given them most of our money leaving $9,000 worth of work unfinished or so poorly done that we had to hire someone else to correct it. No supervision from Nick Haven, the GC. No returned phone calls; I\\\’d only hear from them when they wanted a bill paid. Our project funds were mismanaged so badly the subs walked off the job for lack of payment. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Also avoid their new business, Vanderbilt Brownstones, Kitchens, and Baths.

by customer890

I wish I could choose ZERO because Nick Haven is a crook, along with his team. They will appear nice and eager at first, but once your projects starts, they will disappear and will only come around when they need $$$$. The budgets the create are horrible and when you ask about specific costs, you get the run around. As others have stated, there is NO oversight of the work – most of the time, things were done improperly and then had to be two or there times over. They do not pay the subs so you can end up getting liens against you for their failure to manage YOUR money that you provided in good faith. They are just out for themselves and do not really care about your project. We have had to pay thousands of additional dollars to fix their horrible work. They are in so much trouble they started ANOTHER company – Vanderbilt Brownstones Kitchens and Baths to try and avoid legal issues. It is the same company, just different name. They are using the same tactics to promise you a great renovation, but all you will end up with is no money and lots of problems.

Avoid them at ALL COSTS!! – or you will completely regret it.

by person1

Wish I saw this earlier, they were back as Vanderbilt Design Build (although folded and no longer under hat name) and pretty much followed the path others have mentioned. Started the project, terrible on-site crew, bailed near completion, more money to finish/fix than is left for them.

Both partners are scumbags, no question. Nick Haven and Leonard Zella should be avoided in all capacities. The project manager we started the project with was great and unfortunately quit near the end because these sh#tbags stopped paying their employees.

avoid them, unless you like people without integrity

by person1

All previous comments are spot on….they were back as Vanderbilt Design Build and basically did their thing…..Started project and billed throughout leaving more than remainder to finish/fix the work and then folded the company. Nick Haven and Leonard Zella are scumbags, avoid whatever company they form next.

The on-site crew was terrible and many of the subs did not get paid. They had a great project manager on the job that was saving the project but he quite toward the end because they stopped paying their employees…..

DO NOT WORK WITH (unless you enjoy people without integrity)

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