Long Island Green Dome is the World’s Largest Wooden Residential Dome!

by , 11/16/14
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Standing 45 feet high, the Long Island Green Dome is the largest residential geodesic dome in the world. Taking nearly 4 years to build, it features 16 specially designed high solar heat gain windows and vents that not only warm the interior but can be filtered especially to heat the concrete floors.

Nearly every detail of the interior is recycled or sustainable. There is a deep basin sink from a local firehouse, low flow toilets, a waterless urinal, and a water system that captures hot water from the shower and recirculates it for heat. The furniture is even covered in reused denim. All electricity is powered by a 10K solar power system and a 1.9K wind power generator.

The dome’s extensive exterior is also incredibly eco-friendly. With the help of local auto repair shops, the driveway and paths are made from crumbled recycled rubber. A massive tire garden consisting of a 4 tier terrace made entirely of recycled tires sits behind the dome, harvesting vegetables and herbs year long. The garden also grows lemon, lime, orange, and kumquat trees along the side of the dome, surrounded by a bamboo railing.

Most recent and notable of the dome’s innovations is the green roof. Shea constructed a web pattern of porous shale bags upon the roof, covering nearly 1,000 square feet. Each bag is a mix of shale and compost which generates a beautiful and bountiful array of sedum flowers.

The Long Island Green Dome was recently certified as an official Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation and is constantly continuing to produce and promote sustainable living. Kevin Shea produces a number of YouTube videos that teach how you too make your living space eco-friendly.

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  1. fliparies July 23, 2014 at 3:52 pm
    its a great idea. except tires leach nasty chemicals in the soil and hence your food.
  2. LucyP28 May 5, 2012 at 2:45 pm
    I love it and want to build one, how much did it cost in total to build? It could be really beautiful with a grass roof or different coloured covering also tell me what house doesn't leak nearly every town house I know and country house has some kind of damp problem and I'm sure it would be a lot easier and cheaper to fix than some old council or farm house.
  3. Biff October 11, 2011 at 10:19 am
    Its ugly. Likely will start leaking next week and be a pile of debris within 2-years. Good luck.