Mayor Bloomberg Kicks off Climate Week 2011 Calling World Leaders to Join The Clean Revolution

by , 09/20/11
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Mayor Bloomberg kicked off Climate Week 2011 yesterday with the release of the annual PlaNYC Greenhouse Gas Inventory, which reported a 12 percent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions since 2005. The success of Bloomberg’s green policies was a key part to the start of the Climate Group’s 3-year Clean Revolution campaign, which calls for global leaders in government and business to take steps to address climate change worldwide, and create a low carbon economy.

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“We are delighted, as always, to join the Climate Group in launching Climate Week NYC, which this year highlights the ‘clean revolution’ – the actions by businesses and governments worldwide that are reducing the impact of climate change,” said Mayor Bloomberg in a press conference. “Coinciding as it does with the annual session of the UN General Assembly, Climate Week helps call the attention of world leaders and world media to that all-important task.”

Climate Week brings together green focused organizations and initiatives such as The Climate Group, Carbon Disclosure Project, China Center, PlaNYC, the United Nations Global Compact, the UN Foundation, NYC government, The New York Academy of Sciences, TckTckTck and dozens of other businesses, government agencies, and non-profits.

The opening ceremony included a panel discussion called “Rethinking Resiliency: Innovative Solutions for Climate Adaptation,” which discussed the different ways business and government can work together during the current fragile global economy in implementing innovative solutions for dealing with climate change.

Climate Week 2011 will include a host of events between September 19 – 26, including roundtable discussions, art exhibits, film screenings, training sessions in green practices, and a variety of volunteer opportunities to continue to promote environmental sustainability both in NYC and around the world. Climate Week, in an effort to promote a global effort to address climate change, also coincides with the annual UN General Assembly meeting.

“Over the past year, New Yorkers have had a taste of what climate change may mean for our city,” said Mayor Bloomberg, “We’ve seen the rainiest day and rainiest month ever. A tornado. A hurricane. The snowiest January on record.  And 16 blistering days of 90-degree-plus heat during this past July and early August. Perhaps such extreme weather events are merely coincidental. Or perhaps they’re warnings of what the future holds – unless we act now.”

New Yorkers will no doubt agree with Mayor Bloomberg. Given the recent unusual weather activity in NYC, Climate Week is a welcome gesture of just how serious climate change is and the specific things that government and business are doing to address these issues. And while certain oil companies and government entities aren’t too concerned with the current green movement, we can at least rest assure that the ‘Clean Revolution’ is underway.

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All photos by Edward Reed via The Office of the Mayor