Gallery: Mayor Bloomberg Secures $155 Million for Frank Gehry-Designed ...

The long overdue World Trade Center Performing Arts Center may be getting back on track. The Frank Gehry-designed complex is slated to have two theaters, rehearsal space, classrooms and a café. Last week, Mayor Bloomberg named five new board members for the center, which secured $155 million in funding just before the December 31st deadline. If board members had not been chosen, the funding would have been lost. The center will sit directly east of One WTC and incorporate green technologies, like the entire World Trade Center complex.

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  1. zeppflyer January 8, 2012 at 12:42 am
    Frank Gehry should be tried for crimes against humanity. You cannot be a post-modern architect. At the end of the day, a structure must serve a function. Aside from being hideously ugly, his work is far harder than a normal building to make green or to build in a sustainable manner. Pity the New Yorkers who paid for this.