Gallery: Explore This Beautiful Underground Eco-Home in East Hampton

The Hamptons are usually associated with glitz, glam, and mega mansions, while Long Island proper is known for its traditional, suburban, family-oriented homes -- but what happens when you want to combine the two? Enter Maziar Behrooz, founder of the East Hampton-based MB Architecture. For couple Bob Stansel and Tammy Marek, Behrooz combine the two models to create a luxury Hampton home that has a simple, yet stunning aesthetic dominated by sustainable design with minimal obstruction to the visual landscape. Burying more than half of the 6,400 square foot home underground, the arced structure melds with the landscape, allowing the home to benefit from a passive design.

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  1. Richie August 22, 2011 at 1:41 am
    The unit energy consumption may have been reduced but, being such a vast space, is still vast in absolute terms and will never balance the embodied energy in the physical materials from which the palace is contructed. Absolutely deranged.