Gallery: “Solar Journey” Photovoltaic Array-on-Wheels Provided Power to...

With their help, the solar array was able to power a community center, a youth center and an electric vehicle to bring supplies, since gas was scarce for a week. Local residents also got to see first hand how they could become independent from the power grid, especially in a time of crisis.

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  1. Colonel Nagar M Verma December 20, 2012 at 8:41 pm
    GOOD MORNING. It is very innovative and future of the world to cope with disasters.My commitment to humanity envisages comprehensive understanding of RIGHT TO LIFE in disasters and emergencies by millions of people who are vulnerable to enhancing threats of disasters ever day. Rights and Duties are interwoven The co-relation between duties and rights is not a new idea. . Bhagwat Geeta teaches us that : \\\" Your duty is your right\\\". Gandhiji summed up the matter admirably: \\\" I learned from my illiterate but wise mother that all rights to be deserved and preserved come from duty well done.\\\" Walter Lippman, the philosopher journalist, was emphatic. that \\\" For every right that you cherish you have a duty which you must fulfill. \\\" Healthy and vigorous debate in my mind is, are we citizens of the world,especially, INDIA, as individuals committed to our duty to save our own lives and family members from emergencies of disasters. Have we made any effort to provide them access to information,knowledge and education to make them develop skills and confidence in disasters. Answer to it will be NO, we have left this duty of saving our lives to the governments,out side agencies and GOD. THINK LOGICALLY AND BE AN AWARE AND ALERT PERSON.No one else can be as worried and concerned to save lives of your people as yourself . Why I write this with such a human concern. I am committed to raise awareness and prepare people to develop \\\"SAFETY CULTURE\\\" as part of each individual\\\'s duty. I am Director General of Saritsa Foundation A Mobile University for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change. The team of Saritsa Foundation reaches to the people, talks to the people and prepares people to build capacity to minimize risks from disasters and impacts of climate change. It has build capacity amongst 205000 people including 8900 persons with disability in 18 states RURAL AND URBAN of INDIA. I have conceptualized its mission with support of like minded people. It advocates and sensitizes People centered, People led and People owned practices of building Resilience and Safety Culture. The issue to recognize the importance of Right to Life in disaster and prepare for it at individual and family levels by needed education and training is least sensitized in INDIA. Millions of people who are poor need information, knowledge and training to save lives and livelihood. No one reaches to them. They die, lose means of livelihood, women and children remain traumatized for years. Donors do not find the cause of life saving education to vulnerable children ,women, disabled and common citizens. Governments can not reach to them because they start the process of Disaster Management from Top to Bottom. It may take years to them to reach to vulnerable people. Committed NGOs like Saritsa Foundation with ethical values and accountability can reach to these needy. It maybe a surprise that the issue is not emotional for philanthropy in INDIA. Mostly, I support the mission with my own meager pension and support of like minded people and the team of Saritsa Foundation. Seek advise support from all well wishers to and sensitize value of lives and be empowered by education and training.Be a partner of Saritsa Foundation to save innocent lives in disasters. WE SHALL WORK TOGETHER IN INDIA. Contact-, Mob 09323157377, Tele 91 22 24366370 web saritsafoundation.