Dramatically Sliced Carroll House Shipping Container Home Rises in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

by , 12/04/13

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The diagonally-cut building will have a striking, sloped profile that rises out of the ground up to three stories tall. Thanks to the steeped nature of the building, each floor will have access to an open-air deck fitted with an outdoor table, a built-in BBQ pit, and a lap pool. Meanwhile, the look of corrugated metal sheets on the structure will invoke Williamsburg’s industrial past.

Despite the building’s industrial beginnings, LOT-EK plans to make the Carroll House into a lavish home complete with a driveway into the car garage and cellar on the ground floor. An open kitchen, dining and living room will occupy the first floor. Meanwhile, on the top level, there will be the master bedroom organized as an open space with a large open shower.


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Images © LOT-EK



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  2. greenworker75 December 10, 2013 at 2:16 am
    I would love to see more of these done! The possibilities are enormous! I've been researching this field for a while!