Neil Denari’s HL23 Luxury Building Set to Open With Section 2 of the High Line

by , 03/10/11
filed under: Architecture,Manhattan,News

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The building’s striking silhouette is unmistakable in the West Chelsea cityscape, which has experienced something of a renaissance thanks to the High Line. The carved shape sets the building back from the street and allows it to get wider as it goes higher, resulting in no two apartments being shaped the same. The large floor-to-ceiling windows provide ample daylight for every apartment, and the low-iron glass results in a more fluid, clearer appearance. The building’s concrete and steel frame structure has a diagonal perimeter bracing structure that allows for a minimum of interior columns, leaving the apartments with an open floor plan.

HL23‘s east facade was designed to be an elegant public sculpture that enhanced the building’s interior and exterior appearance. The white lattice pattern follows the lines of the building’s steel structure and creates a unique visual effect. From the outside, the beams are part of a geometric sculpture that plays with shadows and sunlight, while on the inside, they help to minimize glare and create sections within the living space.