New Exhibit Shows Glimpses of a Greener NYC in 2040 from Five Local Architecture Firms

by , 06/17/11
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The unique aspect of ‘Glimpses’ is that the exhibit isn’t meant to be the answer to all urban worries, but instead provide the basis for asking the right questions from the right people such as architects, environmentalists, and city planners. The exhibit wants to generate a discussion around the future needs in an imaginative way because it’s clear to many of us that what we’re doing now isn’t going to sustain us much longer.

Bringing two cities that are half a world apart together for one exhibit is a really interesting way to mash-up and repurpose a variety of ideas and plans that have worked for each city while also constructively addressing what has proven to be unsuccessful for each location. The hope is that the exchange forum will give rise to an international professional debate surrounding the theme of sustainability and future development in a way that is innovative and contributes to the profession as a whole. Five firms were picked from each city, including dlandstudio, Interboro Partners, SO-IL, W Architecture, and WORKac from NYC, and Barcode Architects, Delva Landscape Architects, FABRICations, Space & Matter, and van Bergen Kolpa, who make up the team of architect firms based in Amsterdam. The graphic representations are not necessarily what global cities will look like in the future, but more so depict what it will feel like to be in either city.

The exhibition is currently on display at the Center for Architecture until September 10 and opens in Amsterdam today, Friday, June 17 and runs until August 13.  It will be interesting to see what the collaboration does for the professions of architecture and planning because this is the first time two cities have come together to address the role that architecture plays in the planning and development of sustainable urban landscapes.

via Center for Architecture New York Chapter and Curbed

Lead Image  © W. Architecture