Gallery: New Green City Takes Over Union Square with a Host of Eco-Mind...

Image © Amanda Silvana Coen for Inhabitat
The squares from the CommUnity project will be joined together to form a large quilt that will hopefully be displayed outdoors. With the help of friends, the Bed-Stuy Community Quilt Project has now almost completed its first project. Teens and adults participated to help sew clothing scraps into beautiful mural-like pieces. The project ran from April to August 2011 and the individual squares are now ready to be joined together and displayed as a gigantic piece. The hope is to display it outside in various locations. A brownstone in the neighborhood has already been selected as a potential host to display the piece of recycled ingenuity.

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  1. gmoke October 6, 2011 at 5:59 pm
    Some of these people should go to Zuccotti Park to join up with the Occupy Wall Street people. Make that encampment an example of what can be done with available green technology. The 99% tent city could become a different kind of Solar Decathlon.