Gallery: 110 Stories: Smartphone App Draws the Twin Towers in the Sky

Greenpointer Brian August has launched a cool smartphone app that allows New Yorkers to superimpose the outline of the Twin Towers when they point their phone cameras towards Lower Manhattan. Users are encouraged to take a picture of the augmented scene and upload it along with their personal story about the towers and September 11th on the app's website,

The app will determine your distance from Lower Manhattan and help you orient your camera to a spot where the towers would have been visible. It is designed to work nearly 50 miles away at sea level. Though standing right in the center of the new World Trade Center skews the perspective of the augmented image, August predicts that about 3 miles away is an ideal distance for optimum pictures.

August first thought up this concept last year while sitting on his roof in Brooklyn. A lifelong New Yorker, he knew exactly where the towers had stood, exactly what they looked like, and the void in the sky was still as eerie as ever. He fiddled with some copper wire, placed them on the air conditioning unit, and stepped back, noticing he had created a perfect scaled profile of what once stood in the Manhattan skyline.

The towers in the app are not copper wire, but instead simply drawn black or white lines. The sketched approach gives the image a more humanizing touch, making it a memorial to what once stood and an acknowledgment of its absence.

Once users take a picture with the drawn towers, they can upload it to August’s website and share their memory of the World Trade Center with the world. August’s aim is to keep the memory of the towers alive — not their tragic destruction but the sheer magnitude and grace the two buildings had as part of the iconic New York skyline.

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