Gallery: New Social Networking Site ‘Change by Us NYC’ Asks New Yorkers...

Have any green ideas that you think would help improve the city? Change by Us NYC, an innovative website created by Local Projects, is exactly what you need to get your voice heard. The site, dubbed “a social network for civic activity,” officially launched last week. The site has a sleek, easy-to-use interface, and it’s run by the city as a way for New Yorkers to share their ideas and organize green projects.

The ideas are organized into digital post-it notes of different colors, which are “pasted” on a virtual board. Clicking on each of the ideas enlarges them, and allows you to add your own comments as well. Immediately when the site loads, Change by US NYC encourages you to add your own little post it note. You can search for your own neighborhood specifically, and view some of the ideas of your neighbors as well. In fact, the site is also serving as a great community solidarity tool.

Some ideas, like a rainbow garden, are cute if not a bit silly. Other one liners, like plant more trees or water more plants, are more general and not aimed at any specific neighborhood. Others tend to get more political, with one suggesting doing away with subsidized parking in housing projects. All, however, represent a genuine desire to help out the city.

We were able to find ideas for many diverse neighborhoods, including projects in various areas in Jamaica and Jackson Heights in Queens, all the way to Harlem in Manhattan, and a lot of cool ideas from areas in the South Bronx, too. Others form a collaborative effort between neighborhoods, such as edible gardens in Crown Heights and Bushwick in Brooklyn, all the way to Astoria in Queens. The site serves as an exciting opportunity for New Yorkers to establish a sense of solidarity, all while improving the city. Make sure you check out some of the ideas posted for your neighborhood!



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