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It’s one thing city living lacks: big backyards, perfect for summer barbeques and wet ‘n wild slip ‘n slide parties with your friends. But stop your fretting because a backyard is coming to you, right here in the city. In an effort to bring suburban lawns to an urban setting, The Participation Agency, a group that seeks to “unite brands and investors with creative ventures,” is introducing the Timeshare Backyard on a decrepit lot at 145 Ludlow Street, where you’ll be able to rent the space by the hour. But don’t think this grassy real estate will come cheap. Hit the jump for the full price breakdown.

“Timeshare Backyard welcomes guests into a curated backyard, a transformed vacant lot in the heart of the Lower East Side,” the organizers told Gothamist. “The basic concept is simple: Rent by the hour. Build your own backyard. Long live summer.”

Sounds exciting, until you look at some of the prices. To rent the lot costs $50/hour, with a max of 30 people. Additional amenities don’t fair any better. A Slip ‘n’ Slide will run you at $100, a kiddie pool $200, and a grill with all the works for 10 people costs $150. Care for some music? Inviting one of the groups “celebrated local bands” costs $5,000.

This begs the question, couldn’t you do all this at the park, a beach, or in a friend’s yard for much cheaper? But what’s really baffling is why exactly does a simple kiddie pool cost more then a slip n’ slide? It’s difficult to gauge who exactly the Timeshare Backyard is being marketed towards. And if you’ve been anywhere near Ludlow Street, you probably know that it isn’t the most scenic area if you want some fun in the sun.

It’s an interesting idea, we’ll give them that. But honestly, there are better, more natural — as in surrounded by actual nature and not buildings — ways of having a fun summer. Like we said before, go to a park or beach and have a BBQ with as many friends as you want! And if you really want to hear some live music, you can always check out some of NYC’s great music festivals at the park for free!

Via Gothamist

Lead image © Participation Agency


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