New York Artist Olek Crochets an Entire Apartment

by , 03/19/11
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New York’s favorite knitter is at it again. Street artist Olek has crocheted the bull on Wall Street, building walls in the LES, and even people, but this time, she’s really upped the ante and knitted an entire apartment. The sweet pad is now on display at the Christopher Henry Street Gallery. Olek transforms the visual and abstract world into a surreal version filled with texture and color, and now through May, you can join her in her crocheted reality. Hit jump to see what her new digs include.

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Olek admitted to Happy Famous Artists that she often sleeps in the knitted apartment, and why not? It has everything that a normal apartment has, including a bed, blankets, toilet, sink, TV and telephone. Granted, the yarn covering makes them a bit hard to use, but the amenities are still there. The exhibit has been so popular that this is its second run at the gallery — and it was extended during the first run.

Born Agata Oleksiak in Poland, Olek now lives and works in New York City. She knits personal messages into her coverage of the physical world. In the apartment, signs, walls, and blankets are filled with words. The bedspread reveals the results of her boyfriend’s STD test. “I crochet everything that enters my space. Sometimes it’s a text message, a medical report, found objects,” Olek writes on her website. “There is the unraveling, the ephemeral part of my work that never lets me forget about the limited life of the art object and art concept.”

From an eco-minded perspective, Olek makes us think about our physical environment and our connection to the world. She gives new life to abandoned buildings and objects, while at the same time making us think about what our world is created from.

So what exactly does she intend to reveal? “You have to pull the end of the yarn and unravel the story behind the crochet.”

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