New York City Population is Highest It’s Been in Over 60 Years

by , 03/15/13

Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg announced that New York City’s population is the highest it’s been in over 60 years, with more people moving in than moving out for the first time in decades. According to data derived from the US Census Bureau, 161,000 more people have begun calling the city home in the past two years (an increase of 2 percent). So what does this mean for NYC’s economy, resources and housing situation? Read on to find out.

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NYC has grown by more than 300,000 residents since Bloomberg took office and this continued growth may continue to spur under Bloomberg’s micro-apartment housing plans, which aim to provide affordable living for city dwellers. The MTA also reported that ridership for 2012 reached 1.654 billion people, which marked the highest it’s been in 62 years. Weekend ridership also grew by three percent.

“For the first time since before 1950, more people are coming to New York City than leaving,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “We have many indicators of quality of life in the city – record low crime, record high tourism, record high life expectancy, record high graduation rates, record job growth and more – but there’s no better indication of the strength of our city than a record high population and a net population influx. People are voting with their feet.”

The growth is due largely in part to the increase of immigrants to the city, job growth, lower crime rates and the rise of life expectancy to 80.9 years. Each of the boroughs registered population gains with Brooklyn experiencing the largest growth (possibly due in part to its ability to deliver a Manhattan-esque lifestyle for cheaper rent).

Via NYC Gov