Gallery: New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow Could Be Made in Brooklyn

We’ve been following the progress of New York City’s “Taxi of Tomorrow” since Mayor Bloomberg announced the competition for a new more eco-friendly cab back in December 2009. We were disappointed to learn that the new model, which will replace all of the current taxis, could potentially reduce the fleet’s overall fuel efficiency, but there is still good news to be had. One of the three finalists, the Turkish company Karsan, is promising to build its taxis at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal in Red Hook if its proposal is chosen. Not only would this reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing the cars, but it would create up to 800 new jobs for the local community. The pledge makes the Karsan cab the only one that would be built in America.

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  1. lazyreader May 3, 2011 at 7:55 am
    Theirs an article right above here that says the taxi could reduce fleets fuel efficiency. It's not our fault. Never trust government to assess a situation. Why is the government picking and choosing over vehicles that obviously won’t save money. We know ethanol is a scam. Yet they have thousands of E85 vehicles on subsidized fuel prices and then they claim they save fuel and money. They can save a lot of money by trading in all those Chevy Tahoe’s for Chevy Equinox’ or better yet drive a Focus or Ford Fusion. Stop buying Prius’s, They get 48 mpg highway; while a Ford Focus gets 40 mpg highway but is Seven-thousand dollars cheaper than the Prius. That much money will save enough gas to drive around the world over 2 times. On a cost per gallon of fuel or per mile basis, the Focus is better than the Prius. Yet only the hybrid lands you a 7,500 dollar tax credit.