Gallery: New York MTA Wants A Share Of Profits From Recycled MetroCard ...

Photo by Catherine Karnoff/Single Fare 2

We love recycled art, and lately there’s been an abundance of it coming from artists giving new life to those 3.5″ x 2″ MetroCards that make this city go ‘round. Most recently the sturdy bench by artist Stephen Shaheen made of 5,000 MetroCards caught our attention, and now it’s New York-based, Guatemalan native Juan Carlos Pinto. Pinto uses the plastic cards to create mosaic-style works of art that depict iconic images like the Mona Lisa or convey his passion for animal rights, environmental preservation, and equality. Artists all over the city are re-purposing the yellow and blue cards to make amazing art work, but what does the MTA think of all this? In a nutshell, they want their piece of the pie, and they’re targeting East Village artist VH McKenzie as their means to a potentially profitable end.

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