New York Parents! Take Your Tots to the First Annual New Amsterdam Spring Fair this Saturday, April 9

by , 04/05/11
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What better way to welcome the spring season than treating your kids to a fun-filled festival? The New Amsterdam Early Childhood Center is pleased to announce the First Annual Spring Fair, a four hour event packed with games, craft-making, face painting, and special surprises for kids and their families. “New Amsterdam has always wanted to create a community fair,” says Jennifer Medley, the Center’s Development Coordinator. “So with the school having settled into its new home this past school year, spring seemed the perfect time of year to celebrate.”

New Amsterdam Spring Fair, New Amsterdam Spring Fair nyc, green kid events nyc, green events nyc

The first part of the Fair will be held at the school, located at 1 Avenue B. Kids will enjoy a puppet show, craft-making, and games. There will also be a “Crystal Cave,” which Medley describes as “a dedicated room of wonder” where kids can use all of their senses to explore, and a “Pocket Fairy,” a special caped person who will give out secret treasures. Adults will be able to peruse the silent auction. For lunch, the fair will move to the school’s community garden located on East 4th Street between Avenues C and D. A healthy, light meal will be served and there will be a sandbox and face painting for the kids.

Family tickets are $25 and they can be purchased tickets online or at the door. For families of more than five, $5 tickets must be purchased for each additional member. One dollar activity tickets will be added to your package; you can choose 10 or 20. Activity tickets are used for all of the fair’s events and games.

The New Amsterdam school is part of the worldwide Waldorf education program, based on the ideas of the scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Steiner viewed each human being as unique, with a body, soul and spirit capable of thinking, feeling, and willing, and he believed these capacities are present at birth. He believe that we need the right environment to properly develop these capabilities, and Waldorf teachers work to create that environment. They strive to meet the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of children at each developmental stage, while recognizing children’s individual spirits, giving them plenty of room for imagination.

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