Gallery: New York State Assembly to Vote on Stricter Gun Control Laws T...

Exactly one month after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, Governor Andrew Cuomo and other New York legislators are working on passing a new gun control proposal that they hope will embrace common sense and make the state a safer place to live. The new law would not ban guns completely, but focus instead on stricter gun registration regulations and enforcement of the state’s assault weapon ban. The State Assembly is expected to vote on the issue today, and it is anticipated that the proposal will pass easily. The bill was already approved by the Senate 43-18 on Monday night.

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  1. waywardpatriot January 16, 2013 at 8:11 pm
    Those who would trade liberty for a little temporary safety and security deserve neither. Less than 3.5% of all firearm related crimes are committed with assault weapons, and an even smaller percentage of those are committed with legally obtained weapons. Why don't you ban criminals next? Certainly then you will have no more criminals out there. This is absurdity, and it makes no one even an ounce more safe. It does curtail our freedom and our ability to act as a vanguard against the rise of tyranny. How quickly we forget the lessons of history...