Gallery: New York Town Wins the Legal Right to Ban Hydrofracking for Na...

This week the town of Dryden, New York won a court case giving it the right to ban hydrofracking for natural gas within its borders. The case is a major victory for fracking opponents nationwide, and here’s how it all went down: The Marcellus Shale, the largest deposit of shale gas in the United States runs underneath the town of Dryden in upstate New York. Due to the gas jackpot, the Anschutz Exploration Corporation purchased 22,000 acres of drilling rights in the town. Before Anschutz could get to the gold, however, the Dryden Town Board passed a drilling ban. Anschutz then sued the town alleging their actions weren’t legal, but on Tuesday, Justice Phillip R. Rumsey of State Supreme Court said it was completely legal. Now Anschutz is out $5 million that they spent securing now unusable rights in the quaint northeast town.

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