Gallery: NY Aims to Extend Ban on Fracking for Another Year

© Bennett V. Flickr commons.

© Bennett V. Flickr commons.

On Monday, the New York State Assembly passed a one year ban on fracking due to rising concerns about the effects it might have on drinking water. Fracking has proven to be very unpopular in New York, and a growing number of protesters and politicians have rallied against the practice. Recently, New York Attorney General Eric Schnelderman, even brought a lawsuit against the federal government amidst the controversy.

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  1. BP June 9, 2011 at 11:50 am
    Protesters are being manipulated by Russian Oligarchs trying to keep gas prices high globally. Fools don't know they are being manipulated by competing corporate interests as the protest the most environmentally beneficial fuel (displacing coal generation. Have fun sucking down those tons of particulate and radioactive emissions from coal plants suckers!