Gallery: NYC Cyclist Ticketed for NOT Using Bike Lane Highlights the Pe...

Photo © ianqui. Flickr Commons.

Let’s face it, some cyclists really do deserve tickets for not riding in the bike lanes, especially since the lanes are there to protect everyone on the road. But sometimes the bike lanes aren’t the safest or best place for cyclists to be riding. After getting a ticket from the NYPD for not riding in the bike lane, Casey Neistat created the hilarious — and informative — video above to demonstrate some of the dangers of ALWAYS riding inside the lanes.

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  1. spyrogyro June 14, 2011 at 10:34 am
    I can't believe no one has commented on this yet -- this video made my DAY the other day, after a perilous ride to Red Hook, BK, dodging fat men on blackberries in the Smith st bike lane, wrong-way riders on 3rd ave, Prospect Sts sinkhole-esque potholes, every delivery man in the world parked in the bike lanes on all the avenues, and every wanton pedestrian in Brooklyn taking 3 steps out and nearly getting their noses shaved before acknowledging that bikes are traffic too. Don't get me wrong -- bikers cause our own share of the hate we get, and I know we break traffic laws and disregard the turmoil we create -- but much of that is a defensive stance against both cars and pedestrians nearly getting us killed every 8 feet. This guy rules. Also, how he managed to fake wreck that many times without genuinely hurting himself is fairly impressive.