Gallery: NYC Hires Biologist to ‘Manage’ Geese Population in Brooklyn’s...

Photo by D. Gordon E. Robertson

Photo by D. Gordon E. Robertson

It looks like the city’s at it again. Less then a year ago, federal agents from the USDA gathered close to 300 geese in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and exterminated them, and now the NYC Department of Sanitation is hiring a biologist from the USDA in an effort to track the “wildlife hazards” of Prospect Park geese. The Brooklyn Paper reports that although the exact duties of the biologist are unclear, USDA staff with the same title have used rifles in Ohio, Alaska, and Iraq to keep geese populations under control, especially near airports. Just last week, residents gathered in the park to protest the 2010 geese gassing, and now it looks like another killing may be in the works.

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  1. PattyA April 14, 2011 at 12:37 pm
    Did the USDA provide the photos for this article? Surely, they are not from Prospect Park at the present time where less than a few dozen geese still exist. The exaggerations, distortions and misrepresentations are mind boggling. All in attempt to sell a "war" on Canada geese and exterminate these gentle, majestic birds from our city. Sick.
  2. jeanX April 14, 2011 at 11:39 am
    Or, how about addling the eggs?