Gallery: NYC is Preparing Shipping Container Homes for Future Hurricane...

After the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, New York City is getting prepped for the future with a plan to build disaster shelters out of shipping containers. Rather than makeshift dwellings for displaced victims, the city is proposing a more structurally sound alternative – shipping container homes like the ones developed by New Jersey’s Sea Box company. The project, by the NYC Department of Design and Construction, transforms modular shipping container units into living spaces that give more of the comfort and security of a real house to people who really need it after losing theirs.

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  1. Haywood Udume December 2, 2012 at 8:54 pm
    How nice that we can have a concept like this for hurricane victims, but can't come up with a solution for our nation's homeless. Even worse when you consider the amount of homes that are sitting empty and wasting away....hello Detroit? while we have people living in cardboard boxes in our nation's capital.