Gallery: NYC Judge Halts Unloved Soda Ban One Day Ahead of Implementati...

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Mayor Bloomberg’s ambitious plan to ban sugary beverages larger than 16 ounces in food and beverage establishments throughout New York City has been overturned, Reuters reports. NYC’s health-conscious Mayor introduced the ban last year after failing to implement a soda tax, but the American Beverage Association sued the city. Just one day before the ban was due to take effect, State Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling ruled it invalid on the basis that it is “arbitrary and capricious.”

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Mayor Bloomberg introduced the ban with the intention of reducing obesity by curbing calorific supersized sodas and sweetened beverages, and it was approved by the city’s Board of Health, but the move alienated product manufacturers whose sales would have dwindled as a result. The ABA claims that the ban involved an “illegal overreach,” according to Reuters, that endangers each person’s “personal liberty.” In other words, New Yorkers should be able to decide how much sugar they want to drink.

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