NYC Landmarks Commission Green Lights Twisty Tower Near the High Line

by , 08/25/11
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Located just east of the High Line and across from the Standard Hotel, the floor to ceiling windows of 837 Washington will soon rival the hotel’s famous, coveted views. Because the warehouse is part of a historic district, it took almost a year for the building to be approved by the Landmark Preservation Commission. The the first few designs soared 100 feet high and were deemed too tall. After a few edits, the final design will be 76 feet above the street, maintaining the personality and modest skyline of the industrial neighborhood.

Morris Adjmi made sure to integrate the authentic spirit of the original building into the new plan. The structure will feature metal and glass window walls set within a torqued frame of twisting columns that rotate slightly around a brick core, echoing the distinct way the streets conjoin within the Meatpacking neighborhood. The original warehouse awnings will be restored and the old meat hooks where beef used to hang above the sidewalk outside the building, will also remain intact.

The preserving and integration of the original warehouse building is a unique example of recycling on a very large scale. Though all the green options for the building have yet to be ironed out, planting beds will be built along the building’s floor slabs to mediate rainwater and create a link to the growing plants on the High Line.

The building has been praised for it’s innovation in clean, clear design as well as its respectful nod to the history and culture of the neighborhood it will represent.

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