NYC Officials Introduce New Bill to Regulate 3D-Printed Guns

by , 06/13/13
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Yesterday, Council Member Lewis Fidler (D-Brooklyn) introduced a new bill to regulate 3D-printed guns. The bill calls for regulation to make it illegal for anyone but a licensed gunsmith to produce a firearm using a 3D printer. With gun control laws currently on the public agenda, 3D-printed weapons will soon have to enter the equation with separate enforcement codes.

“It can become dangerous if people start printing their own firearms and there is no regulation,” said State Assembly woman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan) who introduced a similar bill in late May.

Unfortunately, the recently introduced bills may be a bit too late. Twenty-five year old law student Cody Wilson made headlines early last month with a largely publicized video of him firing off the world’s first 3D-printed gun. Having spent years concocting the “Liberator” Wiki Weapon (as he calls it), Wilson created an Austin-based non-profit group called Defense Distributed with the intention of creating a firearm anyone could fabricate using only a 3D printer—a scary and viable reality.

If the introduced bills are passed, regulations would require that each gun made using a 3D printer also have an identifying number and be registered with the NYPD within 72 hours.

Via The Epoch Times